Our risk management policy is in place to ensure that we consistently manufacture and store quality, pure ice. The aim and result of this policy is that our customers will always be fully stocked.

We can produce over 1,200 tonnes daily at ten company owned manufacturing plants across Australia. Having multiple production plants reduces the single site production risk for customers and ensures reliability and dependability of year-round pure ice supply especially during the peak summer period and the critical Christmas and New Year’s peaks.

Our ice is palletised for ease of loading, storing and supply chain management. Bells Pure Ice uses the latest packaging and manufacturing processes. When you buy a Bells Pure Ice bag you know that “it’s safe to eat”. Each ice manufacturing plant has cold storage facilities for the storage of ice. We store in excess of 16,000 pallets at any one time.


We deliver 365 days per year. As 70-80% of ice is sold on weekends and Public Holidays, Bells Pure Ice is flexible and ready to respond at short notice, including during extreme weather which can impact your sales dramatically. We have an integrated forecasting, ordering and logistics customer relationship system to enhance the reliability of distribution to our customers. When hot weather is approaching Bells Pure Ice responds and delivers.

Our delivery staff are fully inducted and trained for the safe delivery of ice and comply with any customer requirements. Each branch has distribution allocators monitoring deliveries to ensure dependable and timely service.

Deliveries are tracked in real time and invoiced onsite via a PDA. Vehicle tracking results in more immediate response times to meet customer requirements.

Freezers and Merchandisers

Bells Pure Ice provides clean, modern and power efficient freezers for merchandising ice at retail outlets. Freezers come in various sizes and types and Bells Pure Ice can supply one to fit any customer requirement. We monitor the condition of all freezers and repair and replace them on a regular basis.

All freezer cabinets are fully owned and maintained by Bells Pure Ice. We employ a team of refrigeration mechanics to provide preventative maintenance and breakdown repairs.

Cold Storage

In Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane we provide third party cold storage services. All facilities are monitored 24/7.

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Ice Sculptures

Bells Pure Ice specialises in multi block and large ice sculptures. We can design, construct and supply ice sculptures for ice bars, promotional events or any major corporate event you are thinking about putting together.