About us

As well as being the leading Australian ice manufacturer and distributor, Bells Pure Ice is in the business of helping people have a good time. Our ice takes centre stage at backyard barbecues, parties, camping trips, beach days, and of course Christmas - our busiest day of the year.

As the name suggests, Bells Pure Ice produces crystal clear ice made to Australian food safety standards from filtered and purified water. Being safe to eat, Bells Pure Ice is the natural choice to keep your food and drinks cool in the hot Australian sun. Manufactured since 1926, Bells Pure Ice is the trusted name in commercial and retail ice supplies. We also have 20 years experience supplying quality, pure ice nationally.


To ensure a constant supply, Bells Pure Ice has nine company-owned manufacturing plants capable of producing more than 1,200 tonnes of ice daily.

Each of these plants has on-site cold storage facilities and together with Bells Pure Ice standalone Cold Storage warehouses, allows Bells Pure Ice to store in excess of 16,000 pallets of ice at any one time.

This large-scale production and storage allows us to provide national distribution coverage for major retailers including 7-Eleven, Ampol Australia, BP, BWS, Caltex, Chevron Australia, Coles, Coles Express, Dan Murphy’s, EG Group, Endeavour Drinks (BWS and Dan Murphy’s), First Choice Liquor, Freedom Fuels, Liquorland, OTR – On The Run, Puma Energy, Viva Energy and Woolworths.


Bells Pure Ice was the first ice company in Australia to successfully operate multi-site production and distribution facilities.

To meet our customers' requests we have grown to a national operation over the last 20 years. This is via organic growth, customer requests and the successful amalgamation of a number of other ice suppliers - one of which has been in operation since 1926.

Bells Pure Ice now has a substantial network of infrastructure assets.

10 ice manufacturing plants and associated cold storage warehouses
23 stand alone cold storage warehouses
14 sub-contracted ice manufacturers with associated cold storage warehouses
1 head office comprising accounting and IT professionals
9,000+ customer sites across Australia
8,500+ ice freezer cabinets at retailers across Australia

Always at the forefront of innovation, Bells Pure Ice has invested in cutting-edge technology to provide customers with a seamless ordering and delivery experience.

Robots are used in the manufacturing process ensuring all ice is made to HACCP certification standards.

Our innovation is combined with an integrated CRM, logistics and accounting system which manages the user experience from placing orders to invoicing at the time of delivery.

Bells Pure Ice IT systems are staffed by a team across Australia, who make a vital contribution to the operation of our business. Innovation is necessary to facilitate national coverage of DIFOT efficiency.

Award Winning Bells' Ice CupsTM

As an ever-evolving company, we are committed to developing new and innovative products such as Bells' Ice CupsTM, which earned Bells Pure Ice the 7-Eleven ‘Innovative Thinking’ award in 2017.

The award is described as “acknowledging those suppliers that develop and implement initiatives which provide innovative solutions for new and existing business needs, adding value to the 7-Eleven business”.

Bells' Ice Cups™ are takeaway cups pre-filled with ice, hygienically sealed, naturally resistant to heat and easily transported. 7-Eleven was the first major chain to take up the product packaging for their exclusive 7-Eleven Iced Coffees.

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Ice supply is a unique and unpredictable industry where demand can change dramatically in an instant due to changing weather conditions.

Bells Pure Ice is recognised and chosen for its national distribution coverage, reliability, responsiveness and dynamic ability to meet these changing demands and customer requirements.

We supply over 9,000 retail sites across Australia and we're trusted with delivering one million bags of ice on Christmas Day.

Through industry leading scale, infrastructure and innovation, Bells Pure Ice has capability for further growth of logistics operations and product lines.