Move to ARL Scheme after Cessation of REDcycle

Bells Pure Ice is pleased to announce that we are adding a new Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) logo and QR code to the Bells Pure Ice packaging, following the cessation of the REDcycle soft plastic collection scheme.

This new initiative serves to highlight our ongoing commitment to environmental best practice.



As a proudly 100% Australian owned company, we are pleased to continue using The Australian Made logo to our products, indicating the percentage of our product that is sourced from Australian and overseas ingredients.

Bells Pure Ice is made from purified, locally sourced water which is then packaged in one of our ten state-of-the-art Australian manufacturing facilities. This has ensured that we have proudly achieved a 100% Australian made score.


ARL and APCO: Keeping Packaging Materials Out of Landfills

The ARL lets you know the kerbside recyclability of soft plastics and if, or how, packaging can be recycled.

The ARL Recycling website has a guide on what can be recycled and what can be discarded as well as away-from-home recycling and disposal destinations.

Recovering Post-Consumer Soft Plastic

The ARL QR Code Recycling Tool is another initiative that we are proud to have on Bells Pure Ice packaging.

The QR code will provide consumers access to the latest recycling information for their local council. Several local councils are trialling soft plastic collection as part of their curb side collection helping to keep packaging out of landfill, as much as possible.


About Bells Pure Ice

As a proud Australian company, Bells Pure Ice has consistently shown its commitment to, not only delivering the purest ice products for both the retail trade and consumers, but also raising the bar on its environmental initiatives.