Bells’ Ice Cups™

“Make it simple, but significant”
– Don Draper

These words perfectly summarise the latest product release from Bells Pure Ice, which has earned the company a national award for innovation.
Bells’ Ice Cups™ are takeaway cups pre-filled with ice cubes, hygienically sealed, naturally resistant to heat and easily transported.

The product sounds simple, but it is a unique product in the Australian market being the first to provide portion-controlled ice in a single serving size.

7-Eleven was the first major chain to take up the product as packaging for their exclusive 7-Eleven Iced Coffees.

Offering customers a convenient on-the-go iced coffee experience, 7-Eleven recently celebrated three million cups sold.Innovative thinking - Bell's Ice

The award is described by 7-Eleven as ‘acknowledging those suppliers that develop and implement initiatives which provide innovative solutions for new and existing business needs, adding value to the 7-Eleven business.’

“An idea that was brought back from the Australian convenience industry study tour in Japan, how hard can popping some ice in a cup be? Well of course it was much more difficult than that, sometimes the biggest innovations are finding a way to achieve what seems like a simple thing,” says 7-Eleven.

“Bells Pure Ice took on our challenge and invested in new equipment and business processes to create this new product for 7-Eleven, offering our customers a whole new drinking occasion for coffee. It’s been a huge success.”

Bells’ Ice Cups™ are a specialised design, and also ideal for use in aged care, hospitals, food service, hospitality and events.

Like all Bells Pure Ice products, the Bells’ Ice Cups™ are manufactured to HACCP certified standards in approved facilities. HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, is the standard system implemented at all food producers to ensure quality and food safety.

Bells’ Ice Cups™ unique hygienic pre-packaged design removes the need for food handling, and eliminates the hassles of ice machine maintenance, breakdowns and other associated risks.

Bells Pure Ice General Manager, Peter Donohoe, says “Bells’ Ice Cups™ can be used in food preparation as well as drinks, including iced coffee, smoothies, ice tea and alcoholic drinks”.

“If you only require a portion controlled amount at a time or want to ensure freshness and hygienic practises then the Bells’ Ice Cups™ offers this solution. Bells Pure Ice can also pack ice in a cup to your specific volume or specifications, including branded cups.”

Bells’ Ice Cups™ are available for any product development, using Bells Pure Ice’ ice to complement your recipe. Other products and frozen items can also be mixed into the cup on request.

Bells Pure Ice is a trusted brand with a proven reputation for the reliable supply of premium quality, pure ice.

Bells Pure Ice is committed to providing customers with a consistent supply, timely deliveries and responsive service, particularly during the critical weeks of summer when ice demand increases dramatically.


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