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Who We Are


Bells Pure Ice is the largest and most popular supplier of ice in Australia and is committed to delivering a quality product on time to all customers.

Bells was the first ice company in Australia to successfully operate multi-site production and distribution facilities. Having started in Sydney, there are now production facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Byron Bay.

Bells also has multiple distribution depots in Townsville, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra, and other regional areas of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. The objective of Bells is to provide a truly national ice service to customers throughout Australia.

Bells as it is today, is the amalgamation of a number of successful ice businesses across the eastern seaboard of Australia. These included Bells Pure Ice in New South Wales, Donohoe Ice in Victoria and Ithaca Ice in South East Queensland; each being multi-generational businesses. The principals of these three businesses are actively involved in the running and daily operations of Bells along with professional management. This ensures that the customers of Bells have long-term local and industry knowledge combined with the experience to facilitate dependable service and consistent supply of quality, pure ice.